RubberBall Productions began in 1995 when Mark Andersen and Alan Bailey discovered the need for better quality royalty-free images. One of the first independents, RubberBall spearheaded the self-publishing revolution and in the process helped change the way designers view royalty-free stock. At a time when few royalty-free suppliers drum scanned their images, RubberBall demanded that theirs were not only drum scanned to the highest quality, but color corrected and meticulously retouched by the artists themselves. More recently they have shot their images with the highest quality digital equipment, continuing with their high standards of quality.

Andersen, Bailey, and the rest of the RubberBall team constantly look for voids, researching what is missing, discovering what would be of benefit to designers. Before long, they branched out beyond still photography, producing motion film clips. With royalty free stock footage, RubberBall continues to produce new and exciting content to better serve the ever-changing creative needs of the design and advertising communities.

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