Model Releases:

A model release is a legal form signed by the model or models that appear in a particular stock photograph. In this release, the individual featured in the image gives permission for their likeness to be used for various commercial purposes such as advertising and promotional materials, web page design, broadcast exhibitions, and various publications.

Where applicable, most photos in the RubberBall collection have a signed model release. This information can be seen upon clicking on "image details" below a particular photo. The last item in the image information box clearly states when the image has a signed model release.

Model Release and Sensitive Subjects:

Most depictions of real people in advertising require model releases, however the release may not be applicable for all uses. Specifically, clients should consider whether the intended use involves sensitive subject matter. The RubberBall model release states that the media may not be used in a pornographic or possibly defamatory manner toward the person or persons in the image (see Licensing section). For example, a model may give consent for his image to be used in an ad for baby food, but may not give permission to be used in an awareness campaign for teen pregnancy.

If an image depicts sensitive issues that present a person negatively or implies the use or endorsement of a questionable product or service by that model, it is still acceptable for use provided that it indicates the person depicted is a model and used only for illustrative purposes. If you are unsure if the intended use could be deemed a sensitive subject area, please contact RubberBall at 1-801-224-6886 or e-mail us at

Requesting a Model Release:

All original model releases are held at the photo publisher's location. In the event that a copy of the release is needed for legal reasons, it is available upon request. To receive a copy of a specific release, please contact RubberBall. The releases available are scans of the original release signed by the model or the modelís guardian in the case of a minor. For privacy, a requested model release will have certain details blacked out. For any other questions involving model releases, please contact RubberBall Productions.