RubberBall Motion Film Collection:

Rubberball Productions film collection contains over 600 separate broadcast quality film clips for use in various multi-media projects. All clips are model released and cover a variety of subjects and situations. The subject matter of the clips is varied, with most being lifestyle based. There are also video portraits, time-lapse footage, and computer animated conceptual imagery.

These clips are ideal for editors, designers, and graphic artists. The film clips can be used in many types of multi-media projects including corporate videos, commercials, and web advertising.

If you have any questions about technical issues, or if you have any comments or concerns about this product, please call for technical support at 801-224-6886.

Technical Aspects:

Film clips are in Quicktime format in both PAL and NTSC. The clips are photo-jpg codec with minimal compression and are available as part of a CD-ROM collection or for individual download. Clips are available in three different resolutions:

Large 720x576 PAL progressive Photo-JPEG
Large 720x486 NTSC progressive Photo-JPEG
Medium 320x240 progressive Photo-JPEG
Small 160x120 progressive Photo-JPEG

Film Sources: HD, CGI, 35mm, 16mm
Standards Available: NTSC, PAL
Film Rendering: Progressive