RubberBall Images:

Images in our collection are an original series of images photographed exclusively for RubberBall. All photographs were shot between 1995 and 2004. None of the over 7000 images on our website had previously been published. All images are royalty free and model released.

This collection was conceived and produced with the idea that photography should be of the highest quality possible, should be reproducible in print or other media with no loss of quality from original image, and should have images that are versatile and usable. These photos were produced with this in mind. If you have any questions about technical issues, or if you have any comments or concerns about this product, please call for technical support at 801-224-6886.

Technical Aspects:

  • Color corrected and retouched.
  • Mac & Windows compatible.
  • Optimized to print at up to 200 lpi.
  • Photographed with professional digital studio cameras or on film and drum scanned on a Linotype Hell drum scanner at 300 ppi.
  • Digital images were taken on a Canon 1Ds digital camera or on a Hasselblad 555 with a Kodak ProBack digital back.
  • Liberal usage, royalty free (see Licensing section)
  • Images available in the following resolutions:
    Low resolution—small size (600 kb, 72 dpi, 5"x6" avg. size)
    High resolution—medium size (10 mb, 300 dpi, 5"x6" avg. size)
    High resolution—large size (30 mb, 300 dpi, 8" x 11" avg. size)
    High resolution—extra large size (55 mb, 300 dpi, 11” x 17” avg. size—limited availability)

Large format images were typically taken digitaly or scanned with a high-end Linotype-Hell scanner as RGB tiffs at 300 ppi. Each image was cropped, retouched for dust, film grain defects and minor facial blemishes. They were then saved as JPEG files with the maximum quality compression settings. The large format JPEG is compressed to between 5 and 8 mb; when opened, they range from 26 to 100 mb in size. Images sizes are approximately 8 x 14 or 9.5 x 17 inches (We have found that these images have experienced virtually no noticeable loss in quality due to compression). Small format images are uncompressed at 72 ppi RGB TIFFs at approximately 500 kb.